● Anti-virus: Reduce the number of virus by 99% within 24 hours
          ● Anti-bacteria: Control bacteria growth rate less than 1%
          ● High transparency
          ● Tough surface with hard coat
          ● UV protection
          ● Glass scattering prevention


     About Anti-Virus

  1. Inorganic antiviral agent, kneading, surface layer: JP00612310A0003R
  2. The SIAA mark is based on the results evaluated by the ISO21702 method, and the quality control It is displayed on the published product.
  3. This product is not a drug.
  4. It does not inactivate all viruses.
  5. We use anti-virus materials that have passed the SIAA safety standards.
  6. It complies with SIAA safety standards.
  7. Antiviral processing is not intended to treat or prevent any disease.

   About Anti-Bacteria

  8. Inorganic antibacterial agent, kneading, surface layer: JP0122310A0004O
  9. The SIAA mark is displayed on the products whose quality is controlled and disclosed by the Antibacterial Product Technology Council guidelines based on the results evaluated by the ISO22196 method.
  10. This product is not a drug.
  11. It does not inactivate all bacteria.
  12. We use antibacterial materials that have passed the SIAA safety standards.

   About Using Method

  13. Wipe off any water droplets on the RIKEGUARD® surface. If left, there may be traces of calcium chloride in tap water.
  14. If the RIKEGUARD® gets dirty, wipe it gently with a soft cloth. At this time, do not use solvents such as remover, benzine, thinner, bleach, etc., or abrasives. Do not use hypochlorous acid water that is used for disinfecting hospital equipment. There is a risk of discoloration.
  15. If the RIKEGUARD® is extremely dirty, soak a soft cloth in water and household soap, gently wipe the surface, and then wipe with a clean soft cloth to dry. When using alcohol, wipe it off with a soft cloth soaked in ethanol, which is generally used for hand disinfection, and then wipe off with a dry soft cloth to dry. Using other alcohol may cause discoloration.


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